Art Crawl - Marcelo Bengoechea

For this week's Art Crawl I felt it was fitting to talk about San Diego artist, Marcelo Bengoechea and a brother's love.  Marcelo is an artist with a touching story.  He created The Studio of Fernando Bengoechea in memory of his brother, Fernando, an internationally acclaimed photographer who died in the Tsunami in 2004.  His art is still present and Marcelo preserves Fernando's work and takes it to another level by hand-weaving some of his limited edition photographs.  It is truly an original medium that adds another dimension and texture to the already beautiful images..

The process.  Two giclee prints are cut into 3/16" strips then Marcelo weaves them together using his grandmother's knitting needle.

Black Ecuatorian Print available through Vivre.

White Lined Tree Print available through Vivre.

Black More Than One Print available through Vivre.

Black Karma Tree Print available through Vivre.

{Image Credits: Marcelo Bengoechea}


Anonymous said...

Those are amazing.. What an incredible twist on the back and white photograph.

Marcelo Bengoechea said...

It is a privilege and an honor to revive my brother's art. Thanks for the kind words and support.


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