Friday Four & Faves - School Rules!!


Ok so maybe school doesn't rule all that much but ReForm School does!  My first of four, this is one of my fave stores in L.A., Silverlake to be exact, and you just have to check them out.  If you're not a lucky Southern Californian, then visit their website: http://www.reformschoolrules.com/.  Grab your trapper keeper and let's go....

2. For my second fave, let's start in ReForm School's Home Room...I love this Ladak blanket made from a moving blanket with recycled sweaters, jeans, and parts of mattresses!  They are then decorated with lace, ribbons, and fabrics. The Ladak blankets are made for indoors and out and from each individually handmade blanket's sale, 15% of the profit goes to benefit an Amsterdam homeless shelter:

3. Time to move on to art class 101 where we come upon this clever little piece of precious: gloves print.  I would wear driving gloves if I had them but since I don't, I will settle for this pretty gocco print on watercolor by Caitlin Keegan.
4. Last stop, school supplies.  I don't know how to play one (Jake does) but I'm gonna learn how to make one.  A uke that is.  Watch out!!!  I have some ideas on how to make this a one-of-a-kind ukulele.  Then I will have to learn how to play so I can impress our friends at our next dinner party.
[Image Credits: Reform School]


Kristen said...

I love this store — very cute, clever and it has great items!! Fun post!

Michelle Salz-Smith said...

Thanks Kristen! I checked out your blog today too and now follow. Love it!

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