art crawl - Jen Zahigian

Jen Zahigian's work makes me feel like I am taking a road trip back in time to an abandoned place where only traces of the former life remains.  Her Roadside Photographs capture  California's patina beautifully. Though colorful and vibrant, Jen takes pictures that to me are quiet and bittersweet. 

I love that her colors make potentially sad places and things, a little more cheerful and bright. 

I was thrilled when I came across Jen's work a while back and was anxious to share with you today.  Please be sure to swing by her portfolio and shop to look at her other works and maybe even pick up a piece for your place. 

{Image Credits: Pie Shop, Wonder, no.1, Shoe Shop, Paris Chop Suey, Skycab, Mammoth Orange, Modern Clean, Skycab no. 2 }


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