art crawl - Blanca Gomez

Jazzman print

I LOVE the work of Blanca Gomez. Her illustrations can be seen almost everywhere: on magazine covers, posters, websites, wallpaper....  Also spotted in one of my fave stores, Velocity Art & Design, her work is described as colorful, playful, and whimsical and although Blanca is a graphic designer, she has been drawing since a child and spends most of her time illustrating and making crafts. She also lives and works in one of my most absolute favorite cities I have ever visited, Madrid. Be sure to visit her site "Cosas Minimas" for all her works. She also takes incredible pictures that can be seen here on her flickr photostream blancucha.
Rainy Day
Elle and Lui Prints
Rainy Night

Sunny City

Couple, one of Blanca's Paint Pieces

Writer, Gocco by Blanca

See more of Blanca's work here, her beautiful photos here, and visit her blog here....


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