friday four & faves...peep show!

Ok so I have Easter on the brain.  Yesterday was all warm and fuzzy but today.... well today is downright funny!!!  I am not a big marshmallow fan but for some silly reason, I am crazy for Peeps.  They are a crucial part of Easter for me.  AND to discover that they are more than just a guilty pleasure but a source of artistic hillarity as well?  Rad!  My sister Melanie gave me the head's up to the Peep Show, Peeps Diorama contest by the Washington Post.  Here are some from this year and years past:


From Peep Show IV 2010, Winning Diorama based on Pixar movie "Up" by Michael Chirlin and Veronica Ettle as seen on Washington Post online reported by Bill O'Leary. Reported by Holly E. Thomas.

{Image Credits: Washington Post online} Become a member of the Peeps Fan Club (I am and I acknowledge that I am a dork)and check out their sweet website..http://www.marshmallowpeeps.com/.


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