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Be sure to check me out here for my friday four and faves:

My favorite bike and my favorite gentle giant
and see me over at Alluminare for my interview with the very talented Diane Kappa.....Here is a preview:

Moroccan Medallion Custom Pillows on Alluminare, Patterned by Diane Kappa

Retro Bloom 24 Inch Drum Pendant on Alluminare, Patterned by Diane Kappa

{Image Credits: Jake, Alluminare}


Neo-Nel-Interior Specialist said...

To create a more glamorous dining area, I would use an elongated chandelier, a lot of glass, and painted furniture embellished with gold. A mirror adds a nice touch and opens the room up. A plain glass table with white leather chairs creates a captivating room. For lighting, I would use ceiling down lights so that it focuses on the table. Don’t overdo the lighting because it can hurt the eyes.

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