art crawl - Treasure Frey

Endless, print of original gouache and ink illustration by Treasurefrey on Etsy

I don't even know how to begin to describe this talented artist.  Treasure Frey's work is so mind blowing to me that I can't possibly do it justice with my descriptions which will surely fail in trying to capture the magnitude of her pieces.  Her colors, figures, and symbols have an "ancient", almost "mythical" feel to me yet at the same time feel current and fresh.  I think that's what drew me to her pieces, the combination of comfortable and familiar with the strange and new.  Am I making sense?  I don't even care if I sound silly; I love her work and I think you will too...

The Choice, archive digital print of original etching by Treasurefrey on Etsy
Rainbow, archive digital print of original gouache painting by Treasurefrey on Etsy

I can see this one in my bedroom - Nose to Nose sepia archival print by Treasurefrey on Etsy

It gives me goosebumps, it does - With You I Said, archive digital print of gouache and paper collage by Treasurefrey on Etsy

This one I absolutely LOVE and will be soon gracing my walls!!! - A Token of True Affection, Epson print of paint, paper, and ink collage on index cards by Treasurefrey on Etsy
The Way to Have a Happy Life, archival print of paper and gouache collage by Treasurefrey on Etsy

Thanks so much Treasure!  Be sure to check out Treasure Frey's beautiful website here and her shop here!


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