friday four & faves - my new online hang-outs

This Friday's Four & Faves are all about my fave online "spots" where I find myself hanging out for way too long; always of course when I need to be working.  But my first fave actually makes my life so much easier albeit it is my new addiction.....

1. Pinterest.  Seriously I am loving this site.  It's such a great bookmarking tool and creative place where everyone creates virtual pinboards (inspiration boards).  I find so much inspiration here and in turn I am encouraged to generate more ideas and fun boards for others to take away from.  Thanks to the lovely Victoria at sfgirlbybay and her "pin it forward" blogger mash-up, we now have this fun, inspiring, creative meeting place and idea center to partake in.  Be sure to check out all the amazing bloggers and their "pin it forward" pinboards.  The schedule is here. (P.S. I'm on for June 18th!)

2.  One of my new favorite blogs, "hello, splendor" is a must read.  It is the modern handbook for a modern family authored by my lovely friend Beth.  Great finds, raves, tips and more can be seen on this sweet blog.  Check it out here.  

3. And apparently I have been in a cave because although I had heard mentions of this blog and have seen it on my fave blog's blogrolls, I only recently checked it out.  And thank goodness!!  I love the wit and the pretty that can be read here on The Bedlam of Beefy daily.  Do not wait like I did, start laughing and getting inspired right now.


4. Finally, my last stop is "Laura Day, Making Rooms for Living". This clever webazine offers amazing design insight, tips, sources, eye candy and more, one room at a time.  Laura takes us through all her "rooms" and each one is definitely a special destination with pretty interiors, sage advice, and inspiration.  Be sure to take some time this weekend to visit here


Laura Day Living said...

Hopefully we were last but not least!! Only kidding. ;) Thank you SO much for the post. We love your blog and have added you to our news section. Check it out:


Keep an eye out for our brand spanking new issue that launches next week!


Michelle Salz-Smith said...

Of course not! :)

Thanks so much for including my blog post on your news page! I'm very flattered that you like my blog and it's much appreciated.

I am so excited about volume 3; I can not wait! I absolutely love your webazine!

Beth Dotolo said...

Thanks for featuring Hello, Splendor!
And, how awesome that LDL featured you!!! I love her site!!

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