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Hallelujah, it's a new post!  I have been a little disappointed in myself these past two weeks for not "feelin' the spirit".  But after a brief hiatus and some new inspiration, I'm back! 
Original Illustration, "Very Truly Yours" by Michele Maule on Etsy
I don't know what it is, but without fail, when I come across an inspiring creative or an amazing work of art, I don't even have to "turn it over" to see that inevitably he/she or it's from Portland. Which makes me wonder... Do creative folk run to Portland or is the city breeding genius?  It is uncanny!  A good friend of mine is moving there in a couple of months so I will have her conduct some re-con work to see..  So low and behold when I came across Michele Maule on Etsy (thanks to the new suggested shops tool) I was not surprised to see that this very talented artist hails from Portland.  Her work is lovely and I want a few pieces for my abode.  Her color is amazing and I truly love every one of her pieces.... 

"Friend" 5 x 7 reproduction Print

"I Heart My Bike" fine art Print 5 x 7

  Original Painting "By Your Side"

 Original Illustration "Polaroid Camera"

"Alternate Modes of Transportation" Original Mixed Media Collage Painting

Thanks Michele!  Be sure to check out her etsy shop here and her fun blog here. {Image Credits: Michele Maule}


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