dreamy photography...

Perfect Beach Fine Art Photograph available through Etsy

Lucy Snowe captures three of my favorite things: the beach and sky, flowers, and animals.  All of her photographs have a creamy, and vintage feel to them.  The colors are absolutely amazing and I could gaze at them all day.  Seriously.  It feels like looking through the haze of a daydream when viewing her fine art photographs.  I was excited to see her on the front page of Etsy yesterday as part of justCHARMING's treasury.   A series of any of her works would look amazing in any setting, especially my humble abode in little Del Mar...

beach and sky:

The Sandpipers Fine Art Photograph available through Etsy

I Dreamed of a Cloud available through Etsy


Three Delicate Flowers available through Etsy

Delicate Pink Flower available through Etsy

Three Flowers Still Life available through Etsy

animals (these absolutely crack me up):

Chihuahua in a Scarf available through Etsy

Chihuahua in a Cape available through Etsy

Baby Lamb A Portrait available through Etsy

Thanks so much to Lucy for her amazing photos!  Be sure to visit her website here and her Etsy shop here!

{Image Credits: Lucy Snowe}


snoweflake farm said...

Thanks..this is amazing....lovely blog....

lucy snowe

Michelle Salz-Smith said...

No, thank you! Your work is amazing.

tenthings. said...

Lucy Snowe is one of my absolute favorite artists on Etsy! Her work is breathtaking and inspires me every day.

Look for a interview with Lucy where she talks about what inspires her...coming up soon on my blog. http://tenthings-tenthings.blogspot.com/

I am following your beautiful blog now.

Looks like you live close to me here in North County! Maybe our paths will cross soon.


a peace of cake.

alexkeller said...

i'm following too! lucy's photos are a dream, and the chihuahua's - well, movie star comes to mind :)

Sara said...

Her work IS amazing! I just want to "sink in" to her photos & stay a while.....
Nice post :D

Estelle said...

That first photo is absolutely breathtaking. Love it.

And thank you for your very kind words over at Fern and Feather. It's been such fun to meet new bloggy friends. =)

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