friday four & faves - blog love

This Friday 4 & Faves is all about some blog love for my latest favorite reads.  
Fern and Feather, created by the lovely Alexis, is a sweet blog covering all things pretty and personal from design to her family to recipes and friends. I love that she is my "neighbor", living right here in Southern California.  Alexis is always introducing us to other fabulous bloggers and I find inspiration here daily. In fact she introduced me to another fave read of mine, Happenstance.
Happenstance is a cool blog discussing great design and style and chance happenings and events, hence "happenstance".  Another California blogger, I look forward to her posts and pics every day. She has a great writing style and while inspiring, you get a good laugh too.  
Sort of Pink is such a pretty blog from Finland.  It is fresh, simple and just lovely.  She always has the best imagery and I could look at the pictures all day long.  She describes it as her haven for all things lovely and I think it's exactly that. 
Live and Enliven is a stylish, fun blog with great finds.  It's all about living and the things that enliven Ana Degenaar.  She is a blog designer too!  Be sure to check out her blog designs available on her site.


Ana Degenaar said...

Michelle, you are the best, I feel truly honored because I simply adore your blog! Thanks so much for making my day!

Happenstance said...

Oh my goodness! How did I get so lucky?! Was going through my reader, saw your new post and there I was. I feel famous now, like I just looked up and saw myself random on a billboard. Thanks for the kind words, made my weekend:) Have a great one!

Fern and Feather said...

oh my gosh... you are too sweet... thank you! Next time Haydee {Happenstance} and some other ladies get together you need to come!!


Zabrinah said...

Thanks for sharing! I love your blog!


Best wishes from one blogger to another,


Ben Dicosta said...

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Sort of Pink said...

I've been spending my summer holiday mainly offline at our summer cottage. I just came back home and was reading through your posts and found this - it truly made my day! You're so sweet! I really love your blog and it makes me so happy that you like mine aswell =) All the best!!! XXX Taru

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