friday four & faves - summah, summah, summah time

It's the weekend!  I'm ready for some summer fun.  I have decided sun or no sun, I will be on the beach this weekend and returning with sand everywhere. That's the best part isn't it?  The sandy reminder in your car, your beach bag, shoes, that you have been enjoying summer to the fullest.  I'm hoping that my weekend looks something like the four captured memories above.  These fantastic Polaroid prints are from Jena Ardell on Etsy. Her retro fine art photography looks for real doesn't it?  Although these are modern prints, they tend to transport one back in time.  I love that.
one.   Lolita's Beach Blanket
two.   Beach Sign
three. Wish You Were Here
four.  Retro Beach Bicycle

{Image Credits: Jena Ardell on Etsy}


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