be present every day

It's a bit late in the afternoon and I wasn't going to post because I've been just feeling a bit uninspired. Do you ever feel that way?  Like what am I going to talk about, or discover or post about that is so unbelievably amazing and new?!  Ugghhh.  Enough pressure already.  I have been reflecting a bit this past couple of weeks and started thinking (uh oh) that I need to write about what makes me happy and not worry so much about being too clever or unique or coming up with the most fantastic blog series ever.  :)  My blog is supposed to be about celebrating the inspired life so that's exactly what I'm going to do, celebrate.  So things may start getting a bit personal around here and I think that's ok.  And hopefully friends you will celebrate with me. I'm going to have a fabulous, rejuvenating weekend and I hope you do the same!  See you Monday for the next Meet and Greet!

{Image Credit: "Be Present Every Day" through Danna Ray's Etsy Shop Groundwork} Side Note, I absolutely love Danna Ray's art.  See my previous post featuring her amazing talent here


Candace said...

I can relate. When I started my blog, which was recently, I went back & forth with myself about what I should blog & how often, etc. I wanted it to be an extension of myself, so being the overly-organized, anal person that I am, I condensed all of my interests into topics that each have it's own day. So on Monday, I'll talk Beauty and another day will be about food. The best thing about it is that I can still be random and post silly things in between!:)

Saying how you feel has a way of lifting the stress of "what am I going to say," and before you know it, you'll have a done of ideas.

I love your blog by the way!:)

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