don't be scared

Ok. So next Monday's Meet and Greet theme may be a bit over the top.  But.  It's so stinkin' funny that I can't help myself.  Surely none of the high school pics out there compare to these.  I laugh until I choke every time I look at these pics that I created on yearbookyourself.com.  I think the funniest part is that the hair is pretty crooked in each one and you can see my ghost bangs in all. Or the fact that I look like a hybrid of Michael Jackson and a unabomber in the bottom row second in.  
So, I hope you're not scared and join in the silly meet and greet next week.  It's an online class reunion of sorts and it's all in good fun.  If you're in, let me know below and I'll add you to the list of crazies.  :)

P.S. don't mind the crooked Photoshop attempt at a yearbook page above.  


Torrie said...

I'm in!

...torn b/t which I like best- the hive or the fro:).

Ana Degenaar said...

Oh my gosh! Michelle you are so funny! This is amazing! I haven't laughed like this in... Ok, I can't even remember, you rock!

I can't stop looking at the photos, that Cindy Lauper inspired style is making my day!

Suzie @ cupcake monkey said...

You are so silly! ahaha

Funny story...the day before my senior pics, I had a huge hickey that had to be covered with gobs of makeup! ahaha My mom flipped out and I got the lecture of a lifetime.

Estelle said...

Oh good lord, these are great. Love them all but especially the unibomber bit. Hilarious. Mine will surely not compare. I may have to dig deep into junior high archives. Those were ugly years.

bink and boo said...

You are so dang funny! Ok, the first picture is kind of scary because it looks real and totally works. And no lie, you look good with a 'fro.

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