post rerun - gray paint roundup, a surface study

OK, so by now everyone knows that gray is all the rage.  Gray walls, gray furniture, gray fingernails.  We see it everywhere and I. LOVE. it.   So, I wrote about it at my other hangout,  Alluminare back in June.  I'm posting a rerun here because selecting the right gray paint can be a nightmare without a bit of research.
We finally got around to turning our bedroom and bath into a charcoal oasis and it looks fab.  Selecting the gray paints was easy since I had done some research for this earlier post.   I have been loving gray for some time and I really can’t bring myself to step away from it.  It was the color of my bridesmaids dresses a couple of years ago, the color of my fabulous new sofa, and now the new shade of my master bedroom.  Thankfully, gray and I don’t have to part ways any time soon because it is still very much a color of the moment.  But the even better news is that gray is also timeless and classic so no worries of feeling dated if you to choose to incorporate this fantastic shade into your space.  And paired with yellow (my fave), plums, golds, blues, it absolutely rocks.
Gray can fade into the background (although it never cowers) or be boldly front and center.  Whether it’s a soft whisper gray or a daring charcoal, it is a transformative shade that runs the gamut from modern to traditional based on it’s surrounding decor and architectural elements.  And paint is one of the quickest and most affordable ways to introduce gray into your interiors.
Here is a roundup of incredible gray paints that make the cut.  The paints are divided by cool, neutral, and warm:
Some great cool gray paints from light to dark are:
Pale Smoke by Benjamin Moore has a great soft, silvery feel.
Cumulus Gray by Martha Stewart is a lovely mid-tone cool gray. 
Castle Gray by Farrow and Ball is a deep, smokey blue-gray that is mysterious and stormy.
Favorite Neutral Gray Paints from light to dark:
Sterling by Benjamin Moore is a great pale neutral gray with a smoky touch.
Adagio also by Benjamin Moore is a medium to deep neutral gray.
Mountain Road by Sherwin Williams is a great deep, dark, neutral gray.
Beautiful warm gray paints that made the list:
London Fog by Benjamin Moore is a subtle warm gray perfect for a bedroom.
Timber Wolf by Benjamin Moore is a fantastic medium warm gray for a kitchen or dining room.
Magnetite by Martha Stewart is a cozy, warm gray that is inviting and bold. (this one is in my Master)

How do you feel about gray?  Do you have it in your home?
P.S., I'm over at Alluminare every Monday so be sure to swing by and say hi and see more posts like these offering design and decor tips.  Until next time....
{Image Credits: “Cool” collage clockwise from top left: Decorpad, Decorology, Twolia.  ”Neutral” collage all via Martha Stewart, “Warm” collage all via Decorpad. Painting in bottom corner of left pic in warm collage is via Kerrisdale Design.}


Ana Degenaar said...

We love gray! we painted our kitchen gray but it was not warm like I wanted it, it happens that buying paint in Brazil is a mission, We never get the colors we want and it is getting on my nerves.

I love this post, I want to paint our living gray too but I don't think it goes well with the furniture. :(

Thanks a bunch for the tips!

Suzie @ cupcake monkey said...

Ok...so I LOVE gray!! We are about to paint our bedroom gray, but I am having a mild panic attack because picking just the right shade has been crazy!! This post came at just the right time! It's like you read my mind! :D

Kerrisdale Design Inc said...

What a fab post Michelle! I love how you pointed out the different qualities of gray....so true, there totally are warm grays, cool grays, and fairly neutral grays.

Also fun to notice that the two smaller images you used on the "warm gray" section are from a local showhome that was designed by a friend of mine. That's actually my painting you see the corner of in the bottom one! The grays used in that home were BM Edgecomb Gray {top image} and BM Revere Pewter {bottom}.

Great post!


Michelle Salz-Smith said...

Hi Karla!
That's awesome! Your painting is amazing! Let me know your friend's name and I will include her in the credits too. I'm updating the credits to also include you as the artist of the painting. That's fantastic!

julia wheeler said...

i love gray... i love all the pictures you posted... i love that you just gave me a great gray resource! we just painted our remodeled bathroom gray, tiled the floors with our awesome brown tile and our gray walls now look light blue. i'll try some of the above options when we re-paint... sighhh:)

Kerrisdale Design Inc said...

Michelle, that's so sweet of you, I didn't mean that I wanted/needed to be in the credits, just thought it was fun to stumble across the images! :) The designer {my friend} is Kimberley Wiens, and the images are from Style at Home Magazine June 2009.


PS a friend is painting her powder room gray so I'll have to send her your post for colour inspiration!

beachbungalow8 said...

love the gray rage. I just painted my floors, with ben moore's "vapor trails" very subtle. My fave is Farrow + Ball's "downspout" gray

Elise Lowerison said...

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