surface studies: green and wood, a post rerun

Happy Tuesday!  Today's surface study is about green and wood.  It's such a natural, pretty combination that is fresh and timeless. Although you may think it is suited best for the warm spring and summer months, this combo is relevant year round.   I originally ran this post back in June over at Alluminare where I hang out on Mondays.  You can see the original post here of course or there.  

I can’t think of a more serene color to use for interiors than green.  As a predominant color found in nature, it has an ability to soothe, calm, and relax.  Green signifies new growth, life, and abundance.  It is also one of the most popular shades found in interiors due to its universal appeal.  While its brighter shades can energize, enliven, and embolden a space, its paler hues such as sage, grass, and avocado showcase its softer, fresher side.   As it is a “natural” color, it only makes sense that it sings when paired with wood.  And by wood, I say any wood tone looks fantastic combined with green.  You can create a very organic,  modern appeal to your space by combining these two earthy elements.  Subtle or bold, adding green alongside wood can immediately alter your home.  It’s also a clever way to introduce the outdoors into your interior.  Take a look at how green with wood can work in every setting …

Beautiful plants and artwork add just the right amount of fresh green to this clean, modern dining area.  I love the combination of rustic and contemporary.  The Thonet chairs pair nicely with the contemporary, sleek steel and wood table and the green elements add the finishing touch and warmth to this space.  Green is a perfect shade for kitchens and dining rooms as cooking conjures up leafy vegetables, fruits, and herbs.

This kitchen is an amazing example of how green touches and wall paint bring out the beauty of wooden cabinetry.  The green herbs in the windows are both functional and beautiful and contrast nicely with the paler sage walls.  This kitchen is also a beautiful example of contemporary lines juxtaposed with more traditional elements, creating a serene, transitional space.

This hallway is incredible!  Imperial trellis in green is the perfect match for the rustic wood plank flooring.  Even the kelly green bicycle with its wicker basket is a welcome fixture in this space.  Again, combining the elegant and rustic, the fresh green and warm woods, makes for a dynamic area.  FYI, this hallway also belongs to the lovely Chloe Sevigny.

Apple green found in both the bowl of granny smiths as well as the accent pillows in this Living Room look great against the walnut tones of the coffee table.  Bright shades of green always work with deeper tones of wood and create amazing contrast and “pop”.

In this rustic foyer, interest is provided by the collection of terrariums and inherent green of their contents.  What a great look!  It’s creative and timeless with a touch of quirkiness that comes from the unexpected.  Against a backdrop of botanical illustrations, the green plantings with the wooden table and flooring creates a unique vignette.

“Bringing the outdoors in” by combining green with wood is great but where more perfect a place to incorporate these two elements than in a sun room.  This covered porch area seems to go on forever and blends seamlessly with the view  due to the green and bamboo used together.  The pops of citrus yellow help to intensify the bold green and overall natural feel.  This space is fresh, modern, and inviting.  I would love to curl up in one of these lounge chairs with a glass of iced tea.

Whether you paint your walls green to pair with your wooden furniture or choose to add beautiful green plants throughout, green and wood were made to live together!  It is a natural, effortless combination that works to bring life and serenity to a home.  
{Images: Decorpad} {Original Post: @ Aluminare}


Ana Degenaar said...

Wow! this is amazing! I feel like I've learned so much by reading this post. I love green and I was thinking of getting decorating more with plants. I love these ideas, that foyer is inspiring :) Hope you're having a lovely week!

Chanee Vijay said...

I love it all! So soothing and natural. Just the feel l want in my home.

Torrie said...

I love this post Michelle. My entire living room is green, with white trim, white ceilings and wood furniture and floors. And our kitchen is white, with s/s appliances, wood floors, with green tile backsplash. As you said, it has the "ability to soothe, calm, and relax." - exactly why I chose it for this room. In fact, many people comment that our house feels like a "vacation home" and I never realized why (I thought it was because it's small:)... which I'm sure is partly true), until I realized that it is because of the color!!

...Needless to say, I couldn't agree more! :)

kendall k. said...

Could I just live in that kitchen?!

FYI: your comment about watching Steve Buschemi having sex made me laugh so hard! it's just not right.

julia wheeler said...

LOVE the rattan/green patio set!

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