monday meet and greet - class reunion!

Well it's just right out ridiculous what we're up to today.  Ridiculously funny!  Last week I begged and threatened some of my blog friends to post senior pics in celebration of all things geek and my love for Glee.  Plus it's a fun way to get to know one another. Actually, it's an opportunity to laugh our hind ends off at the expense of one another.  I am a little alarmed that after several years and a slew of different hairstyles (read blonde pixie cut), I found my way back to a style similar to the one I had my senior year!  What?!  And these pics are clearly pre-eyeliner and eyebrow maintenance.  I sort of miss the gold herringbone chain too. I was proud to be a band geek and a bookworm.  It's all in fun and without further babble, here are my fellow classmates.  Meet the class of ,....ahem:

Michelle (me) at Studio Surface
Beth at Hello Splendor
Estelle at Under a Pink Moon
Danielle at Elleinad Spir
Torrie at A Place to Share

Swing by to say hi, grab some punch, and reconnect with some blog friends.

{images by Studio Surface, notebook paper}


Danielle (elleinadspir) said...

This was a blast! Thank you. I'm loving all these pics. I might need you to explain the robe things?!?

Ana Degenaar said...

Oh dear! How super cute are you? Your prom date makes me giggle, so cute!
I love this it does remind me of GLEE and you know how I love GLEE so I really, really, really LOVE THIS!

I am heading to visit your "classmates" FUN!

Suzie @ cupcake monkey said...

I am cracking up at your prom date's hair!! Funny that you mention eyebrow maintenance! ahaha Mine were crazy way back when!

That notebook paper brought back so many memories of passing notes and trying not to get caught by the teacher who would inevitably make you read it aloud for the class.

Love this meet & greet!

julia wheeler said...

i love it! you are braver than i! xo

Estelle said...

Awesome! Love all your photos. Especially the first one with your hair partially pulled back and the ends teased up! Classic. I could post these types of photos every day. So fun. Thanks for organizing. I say next time let's do junior high pics. Now that's a real test of courage. =)

Happenstance said...

Oh Michelle, these are good! I love how you did both the volume and stick straight look with your hair. So versatile!:)

Torrie said...

So funny, Michelle, especially the "pre-eyeliner and eyebrow maintenance"... and the gold herringbone chain:)!

Yeah, my eyebrows were pretty interesting- especially the early HS yrs. And now, 'big eyebrows' are IN!... maybe I over-plucked:).

It's funny- I went the opposite direction with eyeliner- used to wear a ton (and spend way too long on my make-up).

Thanks for organizing and showing us your super cute pictures (cuz they are really quite cute).

bink and boo said...


I am with Julia, you are brave. Pretty sure this is my all-time favorite post!

I'm Danielle said...

I found your site from pretty mommy, this is such a funny idea. I love it!

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