holiday countdown (& happy monday!)

OK so first, happy Monday!  Why does the year start moving along faster when the holidays hit?  It's like Summer then all of a sudden we are eating turkey dinner.  It blows my mind.  I got some baking to knock out this week and on the agenda: pecan pie, pumpkin pie, sweet potatoes, chocolate something or other .... but it will all be done with love. (mostly).  
Yay for the short week too right?  Got lots to tackle this week but thoughts of holiday imbibing and stuffing my face makes me happy and thankful and of course the presence of family too.  :)  

Thanksgiving is such a special time for me and how different it is now that I have my own family and am beginning new traditions. Since my side of the family is back in the Midwest, me and the hubs swap every year between a Thanksgiving visit and a Xmas visit there so every year brings different memories with a different setting.  This year we stay in San Diego for turkey day, so a bit warmer Thanksgiving for sure.

What do you have planned?  
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Ana Degenaar said...

We are having our second Thanksgiving away from our families... last year was not all that fun but this year we are having dinner together, we have selected a soundtrack for the night and 3 movies... I am looking forward to baking and cooking and having Emma enjoy the family time.

I can't wait for your baking posts and photos!

xo and happy Monday!

Torrie said...

I love that photo... pinning it as soon as I leave this comment:).

We're hosting it, so there's lots to do, but we are trying (with all of our 'might') to plan, prep, and stay calm so that we can enjoy it (and our children)!

Have fun baking this week! Sounds delicious.

Danielle (elleinadspir) said...

We hosted an early thanksgiving for one side of the family this past Sunday. On Thursday we are headed to see the other side...both my hubs family. This year we saw my family a few weeks early and won't see them again until the new year. This is making me sad and cranky :( But I am trying to push through! All the holiday food helps!

Suzie @ cupcake monkey said...

We are spending Thanksgiving with friends this year...it is just too stressful to travel across the country to go home for Thanksgiving. We do it for Christmas, but since we moved away from home, we have made it our tradition to do our own thing with friends (also away from home) each year on Thanksgiving. I cannot wait to eat!!! Enjoy your baking!!

Estelle said...

Since I'm a grumpy old shrew and refuse to cook bird for anyone, we're going out for dinner. So unromantic and I won't have any heartwarming table scape photos for the blog but I also won't be doing any dishes. Soooo yeah me. Maybe I'll post a photo of my clean sink. =)

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