Merry Weekend!

Happy Friday!  Can you believe this is the last weekend before Christmas?!  The good news is that I have almost all of my shopping done and can spend the weekend enjoying a few holiday get togethers and starting in on some stocking stuffer holiday baking.  Then next week the hubs and I are off to St. Louis to be with my family, most of whom I have not seen in 13 months!  That is just plain ridiculous.  Needless to say, we are excited to play with the niece and nephews and reconnect with my sisters and brother and their other halves.  
So next week is going to be crazy busy wrapping everything up before heading out of town.  Speaking of which, we have a connecting flight in Chicago so fingers crossed that the weather cooperates and we make it all the way through!  Not ready for a planes, trains, and automobiles adventure....  :)

P.S. how beautiful is the bucket of gifts? I love all the natural textures and simple embellishments - total inspiration for my wrapping this week. What do you have planned for the holiday next week?  Anyone braving the weather to head around the country?


Ana Degenaar said...

Michelle, That sounds exciting!!!! Holidays with family are priceless! - Have lots of fun and be safe.

kelly said...

Beautiful photo! Sounds like you have lots of fun to look forward to. Merry Christmas!! :)

Anna Elder said...

aw, sounds like you have a great week to look forward to! love the photo too! i love neutrals. have a safe trip!

bink and boo said...

I love this picture! I hope we get a chance to see one another before you take off.

Merry Christmas!

Uncle Beefy said...

I immediately got sucked in by the photo! So beautiful and I, too, love all the texture... the galvanized metal, burlap, etc. Swoon!

I am heading out tomorrow to, eh hem, *start* holiday shopping! Which is weird right? 'Cause usually guys are 'always' way ahead of the game with holiday shopping... *not*. Sigh. ;)

Karin Grow said...

I love the picture! Thought you wrapped it and I was like "geez....that girl makes my wrapping look boring" Ha....but it wasn't yours so now I can sleep tonight.

Have a wonderful trip. My advise....earplugs on the plane (heaven)

Estelle said...

Good luck with that connecting flight. Hope it is all smooth and easy for you. Enjoy the time with your family. We leave at the crack of dawn for Ojai and then off to Disneyland with the wee one. So excited! Can't believe I'm actually in the Christmas spirit.

Cee said...

Beautiful photo- the bucket of gifts looks so lovely and festive :) Enjoy a wonderful holiday season with your family!

La Feem said...

Gorgeous photos & safe travels love! xo

La Feem said...

I mean gorgeous photo singular (long day)....nice bucket!

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