Before & After, Studio Surface Project - Modern Mediterranean

We still can't believe the transformation of our Studio Surface client's kitchen.  This is just part of a full blown home remodel that we completed late last year.   We took this home from a confused, early 90's Mediterranean (read southern California Tuscan) to a stylish, modern, Mediterranean.  We and our clients are thrilled with the results and so are excited to share.

Crazy right?  We love the difference.  What started as a drab, uninviting kitchen, truly became a fresh, modern, beautiful space.  You can see some more behind the scenes pics on our Instagram.  Just look for us @StudioSurface.

And I think I just have to also say that it is so ridiculous that this is the first blog post in um almost two years.
Look y'all.  I had a baby. Business has been crazy (thank you Jesus) and well the blog here got put on the back burner for a long time. I don't think I really understood or knew what I wanted to do with it and frankly didn't want to deal.   But, after some serious contemplation, I decided that I really need/want to rev this thing back up and share with those of you who still check in here and there, what's going on in these parts.  We, (I and my talented crew) have completed some great projects and have some new fun ones in progress. All which we will start talking about here. 2014 has started with a bang and so far we are enjoying the crazy ride. So, for the three or four of you out there still hanging around...... thanks for stopping back by and we'll make it worth your while this time, promise.


Unknown said...

Your kitchen side by side photos are so inspiring! Incredible transformation. It gives me hope I may be able to make my home into my dream home!
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Unknown said...

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