Art Crawl - 2 Photographers, Matt Schwartz & Liza Berkoff

First up is the very talented Matt Schwartz from She Hit Pause Studios.  As I love everything that has an old vintage and collected feel, I fell in love with his incredible polaroid collections.  I have referred back to his site several times for inspiration.  I love the nostalgia and "unedited" images that come from polaroids and his pieces truly capture that.  His work is described as "walking into a memory" and I think that perfectly describes his collections. 

Santa MonicaProps & Random Scenes Collection by Matt SchwartzShe Hit Pause Studios, Inc.

Striped Taxi Legs, Props & Random Scenes Collection by Matt Schwartz, She Hit Pause Studios, Inc

Stained Glass, Girls & Dreams Collection by Matt Schwartz, She Hit Pause Studios, Inc.

I could not wait until next week's post to talk about this second photographer.  I came across Liza Berkoff a couple of weeks ago and have not been able to stop thinking about her work.  I think she is an amazing photographer and the quirkiness and strangeness of some of her subject matter is what keeps me coming back.  I like to think of some of her work as "creepy cool", a term I use to describe the slightly off-kilter but amazing art and objects that I see that stick with me.  I would love to hear your thoughts on her work...

This one made me look twice.  And then 3 times and four.  I would love to happen upon these guys at a bus stop nearby.  Curbside by Liza Berkoff.

 Look closely.  You're not a peeping Tom.  Its just a manequin at home in the woods by By Liza Berkoff.

Check out this little guy standing guard at the door.  Door Dog by Liza Berkoff.

I would love your feedback and comments on the Art Crawl series and today's featured photographers!


Dolan Geiman said...

So nice to see Liza's work featured. We're friends with Liza from the art fair circuit and local Chicago arts community. Great pick!

Ali Walsh
Contemporary Art with a Southern Accent

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