Friday Four & Faves

Each Friday we will be bringing to you what we think is pretty neat stuff. And typically there is no rhyme or reason to my selections and perhaps nothing that clearly connects them except for my complete infatuation!  These are my "Friday Four" or "Friday Faves" for the week. 

Awesome!  And thank you Laura Fosberg.  Of course I love this because it has a little squish bird (my favorite) resting on a cigarette.  Bad Henry.   

These pillows by Joy Price are rad!!!  They hail from my favorite boutique in Southern California - Solo on Cedros where the very cool Jennifer Price Studio is located, a collection of industrial and vintage goods and creations.  

I have been eyeing these vintage reproduction draftsman stools from Restoration Hardware for quite a while now.  If you can't get the real thing, these would do quite nicely. 

I look at the John Houshmand website and I get super envious at the display of some sick talent.   This sculpture is no exception.  "Arch" is western red cedar and metallic painted plaster.  And the hand "holding" it up?!  Brilliant. 


Anonymous said...

I love the Henry piece!

Anonymous said...

I Love Solo too! Awesome blog Michelle!

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