Art Crawl - Dolan Geiman

I came across Dolan Geiman last week and I almost couldn't wait until today's column to share his work with you.  I absolutley love his pieces and his catch phrase, "Contemporary Art with a Southern Accent" called to me.  After all, I'm a contemporary girl with a southern accent  (Even living in Cali, I cannot for the life of me shake the "y'all's" I acquired during my stint in the South).  Anyhow, Dolan's work is incredible and I am so excited to have discovered his website and store.  His work is both modern and rustic using my favorite motif - birds,  with found objects, salvaged woods and recycables.  It really doesn't get any better than this.

Campfire Story Collection - Mixed Media Collection, acrylic and silk screen on salvaged wood

Pushing Pennies on the Tracks - Mixed Media, acrylic and silkscreen on salvaged wood
Midnight Mockingbird - Mixed Media, acrylic and silk screen on waste stream recycled wood found inside tractor cushion

Goodbye, So Long, Oh My - Framed Works, mixed media collage

{Image Credits - Dolan Geiman}


Catrina said...

Thank you! I love it just the same, too. Also, thanks for stopping by my site. :)

Dolan Geiman said...

Thanks so very much for the blog love. We really look forward to working with Studio Surface on a project in the near future.

Dolan & Ali
Contemporary Art with a Southern Accent

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