Art Crawl - Amy Ruppel

I know it's not Thursday which is when we post the Art Crawl but I couldn't wait!  I adore Amy Ruppel.  I have been idolizing her artwork for years.  If I recall correctly, I believe her work was showing at the Butters Gallery in Portland years ago when I first came across her pieces.  Again, as I love all things nature and animals depicted in art, it was love at first sight with me and her collections.  Her famous medium is her computer illustrations on paper layered into beeswax which give her wax paintings a very different, "creamy" effect.  Amy Ruppel describes her process as “painting with scissors and fire instead of a brush”  (velocity art and design). As if that is not talent enough, Amy is also an illustrator, web and logo designer, and photographer.  Please run to her Etsy shop to look at all of her fabulous creations.  I am honored to have a couple of her prints in my home and of all the pieces in my place, they continue to be my favorite.

Landmark, Beeswax, paper and oils on wood, by Amy Ruppel

Cedar House no. 12, cedar with hand drawn details in pencil and white paint, by Amy Ruppel

Series of Images for Blik Wall Graphics, by Amy Ruppel

My collection at home - "You Can Have this One", "That's a Lovely Idea", "Come Along", thru Bruce McGaw Graphics, by Amy Ruppel

{Image Credits: Amy Ruppel}


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