Design Heroes - Juan Montoya

I had the incredible opportunity to meet Juan Montoya last week in L.A. at the Pacific Design Center.  Can I just tell you how amazing the experience was?!  I and my friends Anna (who worked for Juan in NYC) and Michelle, listened to his uplifting lecture and gasped over images of his portfolio of work.  Afterwards, we had the honor of a private lunch with Mr. Juan Montoya and it was the pick-me-up and inspirational boost I needed to remember why I do what I do as an Interior Designer.  Juan has been voted as one of the AD 100 top designers and when you look at his work you can see why.  His incredible furniture and art coupled with exquisite finishes and architectural details continue to influence contemporary interior design.  Among all of the great advice he doled out Friday, the most powerful to me was, "Keep it what it is calling for.  Apartments, houses, dogs... they all will tell you what they want".  In other words, pay attention and the architecture will tell you, "thanks for respecting me."  Check out my photos from Friday:

Juan & Me.  Yay!

Upper East Side Residence, New York, Juan Montoya

Beach House, Dominican Republic, Juan Montoya


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