Art Crawl: Jared Andrew Schorr

I came across Jared Andrew Schorr while scanning thru Nucleus Art Gallery online and I stopped still in my tracks.  A graduate from Art Center College of Design, his paper cutting is brilliant.  And I had thought that my paper cut out snowflakes  were something special. Whatev. He has also worked with several publications including the New York Times

Now there is something kind of nostalgic and sweet about his piceces but look closer and you see the irony and humor too.  His work just make me happy and smile; something I feel we all need a lot more of these days.  I feel inspired and I think you will too.  So, check him out and stop by his Etsy shop Super Cool Spy Club and maybe grab a piece for your place.  And if you happen to be near Alhambra, CA be sure to stop by his newest exhibit at the Nucleus Gallery, "The Untold Want".

[Image Credits: Jared Andrew Schorr]


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