Surface Studies: Wallpapered Walls

Oh yes.  Wallpaper is back with a vengeance and I couldn't be more happy!!!  There is nothing better than a beautifully papered wall to add instant pizzazz to your space.  And wallpaper is so much more modern and accessible these days thanks to technology and wallpaper's growing popularity.  Some are bold and very "now" while others are subtle and timeless.  Here are some beautiful examples that just may inspire you to cover one or several of your walls....

I love that this paper feels traditional and modern all at the same time...LivingEtc.

A popular coupling this spring, I love the brick red and tan color combo. Flickr.

I am totally feeling dramatic black walls.  They work when contrasted with bright flooring and furnishings. Apartment Therapy .

Osbourne and Little Zanetti wallpaper.  Exclusively to the trade.  Contact me if you want some bold chevron walls! 

Osbourne and Little Ravenna wallpaper.  To the trade only so give me a shout if you are craving this pixilated pattern on your wall(s).

I love this wallpaper so much!  Bathroom design by my talented friend Beth at Nest Interior Design.

And if you can't commit to a wall or walls, how about just a portion as an accent?

Frame wallpaper with moulding to create instant "art" for your walls.  Style-files.com.

Lastly, if you are truly a commitment-phobe, there is Blik, a removeable graphics wall company that celebrates the impermanent...

Blik Wall Graphics, Branches by Amy Ruppel.  See our Art Crawl post on Amy, one of our favorite artists!

Bring some of the outdoors in with this lovely Cyclamen wall graphic also from Blik.


Beth Dotolo said...

Love the Zanetti wallpaper by O&L... I've had my eye on that one! Thanks for featuring my design, too!

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