Friday Four & Faves - Silkscreened Pillow Talk

As I'm gearing up for my exciting silkscreen workshop this weekend, I have been searching for some inspiration..and I found it in these fluffy works of art.

I am ready to create my own poem pillow and jump on a harley after finding this little precious.   It's crazy good..  Solo on Cedros.

Oh how I love Jennifer Price Studio.  I have posted about her shop before I know.  But I can't get enough! I want this pillow in my home.  right.  now.  Solo on Cedros. 

Oh I know it's creepy but I like it.  Eye See You Eye Chart by Utilitarianfranchise on Etsy. 
 And as I love anything with animals and nature, this pillow too will soon reside on my sofa. Thomaspaul Thoroughbred Pillow via 2Modern.


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