In the Studio.....

Love was the theme all weekend and a little bit of it carried into the studio too. As we are making preparations to launch our Etsy shop later this week (yeah!!), we thought we would share with you the happenings in our studio and let you in on a little of the action. Jake has been rocking out in the woodworking shop and has created some amazing architectural wood pieces that are part of our lifestyle brand: art. design. objects. Among them was a sweet bracelet he made for me for Valentine's Day, (love him), and the amazingly beautiful Bocote piece you see below.... Enjoy!

Large Barrel Bracelet in Bocote 

Medium "Barrel"

 Medium "Barrel" and Large "Barrel" Bracelet in Bocote

Here are several pieces from Studio Surface.  There are also additional styles, not all shown here, in our accessories collection in a variety of wood species: Cocobolo, Bocote, Ebony, Purple Heart, Lacewood, Bloodwood, etc. all which are salvaged and/or responsibly harvested.  We do not throw any pieces away and reuse the remnants in additional styles and custom work.  [Photography by Kevin Dotolo]:

Assortment of Different Styles and Wood Species
"Plateau" ring in Cocobolo
"Cuff" Bracelet in Cocobolo

Medium "Barrel" Bracelet in Cocobolo

We would love your feedback and invite you to stay tuned for when we announce the opening of our Etsy shop!



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