Art Crawl - Jessica Hische

 or me typography is a unique art form and Jessica Hische is a unique artist.  Although, I'm pretty sure I'm not the only one who feels this way.  You probably have already heard of her and if you don't know her by name you have probably seen her work.  Beautiful, good typography can convey style, emotion, image and more to the viewer.  It really is everywhere we look - on signs, graphics, company logos... Jessica is one of the best and I have been following her work for some time.  As if that isn't talent enough, she is also an incredible illustrator.  See for yourself:

 Daily Drop Cap, a project Jessica created showcasing a decorative letter every day going through 12 alphabets.  The drop cap letter I used above is from the Drop Cap Project.  See full project here.


Buttermilk, a font designed by Jessica



A fab restaurant here in San Diego - Roseville 

Shopping in Marrakech, the cover was embroidered by Jessica!


Illustration for O Magazine

You must check out her website to see more of her amazing work.  Much more than I could show here.  Good stuff!

{Image Credits: Jessica Hische}


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