art crawl - Jocelyn Duke

Gold Grid, 72"x48" acrylic and oil on canvas 2008
I actually learned of Jocelyn Duke through Twitter of all places.  Curious, I checked out her website and portfolio and was blown away by her art.  I love the colors and depth of each one of her works.  I admire her range from the innocent "Friends" collection to the more bold, sexually daring "Repeating an Image" series. 

Bunny Girl, 48"x60" acrylic and oil on canvas 2009
Although her pieces cover a multitude of categories and themes, Jocelyn maintains a cohesive and exciting body of work.  I knew that I had to share some of her pieces with you for today's art crawl. I had the opportunity to ask Jocelyn some questions to see what inspires her and to get insight to her processes and motivations...

Multi Color Grid with Floaters, 72"x48" acrylic, oil and paper collage on canvas 2009
Where do you look for inspiration?
Everywhere and everything, really. It sounds so cliche but it's true. Most of the time I get an idea in my head and work from there. Ideas could come from a conversation, something I saw in a movie or on t.v., driving through different neighborhoods, listening to music or completely organically. It all depends on what is on my mind that day. I will say that I am extremely sensitive to color so bright things usually catch my eye.

Cocktail Umbrellas, 36"x60" acrylic and collage on canvas 2003
What is the thing you love most about your work? 
The freedom to express myself however I want and not care what people think. I do what makes me happy. I know not too many people can honestly say that about what they do for a living.

Black Boobs, 48"x30", Ink, Pencil and Gouache on Paper, 2010
What keeps you motivated?
I'm extremely driven and my own worst critic. I have goals that are absurdly ambitious and I have persistence that won't let me give up. There is so much I want to do, see and experience before I pass on. I know it sounds rather morbid but life is short and you never know when your time is going to be over.

What is your most treasured belonging?
My creative process and sense of humor. I keep myself entertained on a regular bases. If I didn't I would go mad.

Jelly II 36"x36" acrylic, oil and japanese handmade paper on canvas 2009
What is your idea of a perfect day?
A morning dog walk along the beach, studio, laughter all day, drinks with friends, good music, more laughter, a hard run or scenic hike, sell a piece or two, a good meal, meeting interesting smart funny new people, socializing with friends, my dog, making love and having a good nights rest.

Fish, 24"x36" acrylic, paper, charcoal and oil on canvas 2007
What are your favorite “stops” and “shops” in San Diego?
As far as stops, Ocean Beach's Dog Beach and Sunset Cliffs strip is where I recharge myself a couple time a week in the early early morning. In the evenings when I am not at home reading or resting on my sofa, I meet up with friends at small music venues. I like being out and about seeing and experiencing new things. Shops: Flea Markets for sure, especially the Long Beach Flea Market. Newport Ave Antique Mall in Ocean Beach, CA is a good place to shop the aisles and I enjoy going to the antique store on Cedros. Any art supply store, and I love love small mom and pop run boutique. I don't have any favorite boutiques that stick out in my head, but there are ones I frequent more than others, such as Kate Ross, India Ink, Cathedral, Pigment, Igloo, Blends, Nest. There's a bunch. I like going to places I can find something different and original. On a more mainstream level, I have a weakness for DWR, DNA, Barney's Co-Op, Tory Burch and Missoni.
Bubbles, 11.25"x15.25" watercolor and ink on paper 2000 - NFS
What is on your “got to have” / wish list?
My art studio

Good conversation. There is nothing better then spending an evening with friends or your partner and having a good conversation that filled with laughter and intrigue.

Collecting art an adding to my current collection is something very important to me. Art books. I wish I knew of a bookstore in San Diego that specialized in rare, limited edition and beautifully printed art books.

Trips anywhere: back East, New Mexico, Morocco, Iceland, RVing it across the country.

My Olivers People sunglasses

My Lois Hill bracket

My dog Milo

My husband

Colorful and unusual textiles

Getting into more high profile galleries and or museums

Networking with as many different groups of artists from as many different places as I can. NYC, London, Chicago, Paris - I love these cities

Two Birds, 24"x36" acrylic, paper, charcoal, oil pastels and oil on canvas 2007
What famous artist would you like to have drinks with?
This is actually a very difficult question. 10 years ago I would have said Robert Motherwell. He has been my hero since I was 18 and still now if I were given the opportunity to meet him I would fall off my chair for him. But as I grow older and develop into my own I would have to say I would want to have a few drinks with someone living: Jeff Koons, Cindy Sherman, Mike Kelley, Kiki Smith, Katharina Fritsch, Banky, Andrew Jeffery Wright...and so on. There are just too many amazing artist currently to choose from.

Thanks so much Jocelyn!!!  Be sure to see more of her work here.
{Image Credits: From the artist}


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