It's Monday. I'd rather be....

....playin' in the garden.  

I had so much fun this weekend creating my succulent arrangements!  I have said it a million times but I'll say it again.  I absolutely love succulents!  So much in fact, that they were the "flowers" in my wedding bouquets and centerpieces two years ago.  I actually used the "offspring" of the boutonnieres that we planted after the wedding!  They are the most architecturally perfect little beings and like the crazy I am, I talked and cooed to them the whole time I was planting and arranging.  I, with the guidance of my father-in-law (a gardener rock star) created two arrangements for my beautiful planter stands and one pretty succulent bowl all which are now residing in their new home, my patio....Here is how they came to be:

I'm pointing to the boutonniere babies that are going to their new home.

This is the larger of the two planter inserts at top.  Look at the "starfish" little guy.  He's actually a type of aloe and decided he needed to come home with me too.

Here's his close-up shot.

And here is my succulent bowl.  It looks pretty barren now but the middle one will grow to be large and will spiral out from its center in a very cool shape.

And here are the planters!  They still have a bit of growing to do and I will fill in the bare spots with gravel and moss, but I'm thrilled with how they are starting out.  I'm already thinking up my next planting project to share!

{Images by Studio Surface}


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