pixelated perfection

acoupleofspecksofnothing, acrylic and watercolor on canvas

I absolutely love the work of Joshua Aster!I discovered his collection today online through the Carl Berg Gallery in L.A. and I'm stoked.  His abstraction based on the "simple mark" a square, is stunning.  He creates the "pixels" by his own hand and this square shape seen in all digital imagery is prevalent in his paintings.  I love the beautiful, soft, hazy colors and I have always loved the square.  Here are more of his incredible pieces:

Monocle, acrylic and watercolor on canvas

donotcross, acrylic and watercolor on canvas

digitaldivide, acrylic and watercolor on canvas

sometimesafantasy, acrylic and watercolor on canvas

Joshua's pieces are a departure from the softer, sometimes sweeter illustrations and works I have featured in the past so what do you think?  Would you have one of his pieces in your home?  Do you have a favorite? Mine is the first one, "acoupleofspecksofnothing".  It has all my favorite colors and those found in my home.  Would love to know what you think....Or if you know of an incredible artist that should be featured on our "art crawl", please let me know!  I love meeting new (to me) talent!

{Image Credits: Joshua Aster through Carl Berg Gallery}


alexkeller said...

i love the combination of the two worlds - fantastic!

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