my pride and joy

It's the little things that make me happy, my husband as a fat ballerina with a 5 o'clock shadow for example.  And any opportunity to laugh my a** off at something as ridiculous as this is truly what keeps me going.  It's absolutely fantastic.  Let me also preface this by saying that he has no idea this is being posted.  :)  Here is what transpired Sunday evening in the actual order of events:

OK so obviously my laughter and insults started to wear on Jake's nerves.  But really how do you take a pissed off fat triangle seriously?  He went from mildly annoyed to seriously rooted in about 30 seconds and it was priceless....

I know some of the pics are blurry but that is purely because of me walking while laughing while snapping.

polaroid frame


rustic rooster interiors said...

TOO FUNNY! I'm loving this...
1.)The costume is awesome!
2.)I would do that to my husband as well!


alexkeller said...

he'll get over it.
and my fav photo is ballerina on a mission :)

julia wheeler said...

OMG this is hilarious!!!

bink and boo said...

Are you kidding me?! This is hill-AIR-e-us!!! I love the fact Jake doesn't know these photos are being posted. Awwwwesome!

What did you go as?

Happenstance said...

I love his/her sixer. Great costume!

Hilary said...

Um, next time I'm in town I'm totally going to make fun!

Seagrass Interiors said...


This has provided me SO much entertainment this morning!! This is beyond hilarious and I love the commentary on your pics! SO GOOD!!!!


PS So good seeing you yesterday! : )

Kristen said...

oh.my.word. this is too funny!! the picture of him walking away, beer in hand, cracks me up!

Michelle Salz-Smith said...

And did you see her "butt cheek" as she's walking away? It's my favorite part of the whole thing. :)

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