monday meet and greet, come say hi!

Happy Monday!  I had a great weekend and am looking forward to the week ahead (kind of ).  It's going to be a busy one and there is some fun stuff happening that will be nice to share these next few days.  I don't know about you, but how sweet is this little shed?  I think it would make my work this week a bit more bearable if I was in there instead...

Since it's been a while since we had a Monday Meet and Greet, be sure to say hi and leave a link to your blog below so we can swing by your place too.  Next Monday will be a extra special meet and greet and you'll meet one of my favorite friends who also happens to have a sweet l'il blog too...

Talk soon!



Yitz said...

Howdy Michelle! I'm here to bet Met and Gret...er...Meeted and Greeted?

I've tripped through your blog today as much as my schedule allows. Forged ahead after the Fat Ballerina pics (what does that say about me?).

I design and build custom woodwork in Brooklyn, NY. Please stop by my website at http://EitzHadar.com and you can read my blog at http://EitzHadar.blogspot.com

I occasionally blog about the goings-on in my little workshop. Usually, I write about what's On The Bench (my blog's title), but sometimes deviate and occasionally rant.

Have a great week people!


BarefootFloor said...

Hi! Happy Monday! Love your blog and I think your meet and greet idea is great! My blog is also about everything home - design, remodeling, decor, lifestyle, sustainability etc. Please welcome -http://www.barefootfloor.com/blog/ - visit and explore!
Have a wonderful week everybody!

Anna Elder said...

Lovely blog! Lovely shed!


Ann at Rose et Lis said...

Checking in to say Hi!

Cool shed. It could be my studio...

I just posted my Venice photos- come by and be inspired by its beauty!


Mama Mary said...

So happy to meet you via @Modern_Bird on Twitter. So cool that we're essentially neighbors. We should meet IRL. Love your work. And that shed? LOVE!

La Feem said...

That shed is amazing!! I love it. xo

Suzie @ cupcake monkey said...

Yay! I was afraid you weren't coming back!

I love the shed too!

one sydney road said...

Great idea - meet and greet - love it!! (btw...gorgeous shed...I would love to have a door that color - or maybe yellow!)


Ana Degenaar said...

I am a bit late for the meet and greet but I wanted to say HI to all!
Hope you are doing great!
Big hugs to you!

Lightopia said...

I love the idea of a blog Meet and Greet!

Hello, we sell designer lighting for commercial and residential projects. Come see us at:


julia wheeler said...

LOVE that turquoise door!!

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