well done

My friend Lauren aka Aspiring Kennedy told me about this incredible initiative taking place.  We take so many things for granted at times, especially those items that are so readily available to us.  It's pretty amazing to me that others around the world view something so accessible to us, a luxury.  Like water.  It is a necessity yet for reasons I don't always understand, it is not a guarantee for some.  
Thankfully there are groups such as Charity Water that are working to make water available to every single person on the planet one well at a time.  It takes $5000 to dig a well to bring water to 250 people.  

As bloggers, both big and small, I think it is nice to blog about the important stuff.  Pretty rooms and clothes are great.  But I think blogging can be that much more powerful when some real, tangible good can come from it.  This week bloggers are spreading the word to raise the remaining $1000 to build this well.  AND, if just 200 bloggers/readers donate $5, the well is finished.  Knowing how interconnected this blog world really is, this can happen by week's end.
So please spread the word and click here to donate!!!  one bit at a time and the well will be completed.  :)


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